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Ganzhou Pinxin Metal Materials Co., Ltd.

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Gan Zhou Pinxin Metal Materials Co.,LTD. located in Gan Zhou--"The Tungsten City of The World". is a China-based professional producer and international trader of a broad range of vacuum coating products like tungsten wire, tungsten filament , evaporation tungsten boat , tungsten crucible ,molybdenum bar, molybdenum evaporation boat, electron beam filament , ion beam filament , chromed plated tungsten rod ,Al2O3 powder SiO2 powder , ZnS powder , MgF2 powder, Titanium oxide powder etc.

As a producer, we seted in 2006 when this company was established, to produce in our own plant various types of tungsten stranded wire products and tungsten filament products that applied in the vacuum metallizing industry as heating elements, mainly for our regular buyers in the U.S.A and EC markets. Thanks to the good craftsmanship of our technicians and workers, as well as the top quality raw material we select to use, our tungsten stranded wire and filament products serve a longer life time and show ... [Detail]